Veg Spring Rolls, is delicious and popular snacks from the streets of China  . It is classic Chinese dish and enjoyed by everyone.

Spring Roll Wrappers :

Multipurpose Flour (Maida) 1 Cup
Corn Flour 1 Cup
Water 1 Cup
Salt 1 Pinch


Spring Roll stuffing’s

Cabbage(Thinly Sliced)        1 small
Carrot(Thinly Sliced)            1 medium
Capsicum (Thinly Sliced)     1 Medium
French Beans( Fine sliced)   8-10
Spring Onion( Fine sliced)    4 Medium
Black Pepper Powder              1 tea spoon
Soya Sauce                                 1 table spoon
Sesame Oil                                 2 table spoon
Cooked Noodles                        2 Cup
Vinegar                                       1 table spoon
Oil                                                For Deep Fry
Salt                                               to taste



Spring Roll  Wrapper’s

1. Combine all purpose flour ,corn flour , water ,and salt in a bowl and mix it well so that no lumps is left in the batter. Batter should be of flowing consistency.
2. Heat the non stick pan, grease it with oil, low the flame and spread the batter to make a thin pancake,similar way we make a dosa .
3. When the sides of the pancakes starts curling up and become translucent lift the pancake with spatula .
4. No need to cook other side
5. In the same way make all spring roll wrapper and fill the stuffing on cooked side

Stuffing’s Method

1. In the hot boiling water add noodles, cook , strain them and rinse thoroughly in the cold water
2. Now heat the oil in kadai , add spring onion white, and French beans, stir for 2 minutes and add all the vegetables
3. stir the vegetables on high flame, add soya sauce, black pepper powder and 1 tablespoon vinegar and Salt.
4 Stir for 5 minutes Now add noodles in the vegetables
5. Saute and add spring onion switch off the flame and leave for cooling

Spring’s Roll Preparation

1. Take the wrapper and put the vegetables on it
2. Apply the cornflour or all-purpose flour paste on the edges of the wrapper
3. tightly roll till the end and sealed the sides with paste to open end and seal
4. Now heat the oil on medium flame deep fry the spring rolls till golden brown
5 Drain and keep it on absorbent paper

TIP : Serve hot with tomato garlic chutney or sauce or Green Curd chutney