Subz Miloni is not  just another type of  mixed veggies with  some spices but actually it is most healthy  dish  that I can recommend to anyone .I had visited in a restaurant where I had tested .That dish was so tasty  & I tried it at home and it came out super yum.Enjoy this dish with Garlic Naan & Sirke wale pyaz


  • Spinach 500 gm
  • Onion 2(chopped)
  • Mushrooms 10 pc
  • Cauliflower 100 gm
  • Carrot 100 gm
  • Green Peas 100 gm
  • French beans 100 gm
  • Tomato 1 (chopped)
  • Garlic 2 tablespoon (chopped)
  • Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
  • Coriander seeds 1 tablespoon (crushed)
  • Green chillies 2
  • Pure ghee 2 tablespoon
  • Garam masala powder
  • Gram flour 2 tablespoon
  • Dry red chillies 2
  • White sesame seeds 1/2 teaspoon


  • Wash and clean spinach.
  • Boil water in a pan,add spinach,let it boil for 1 minute,drain and immediately put into chilled water.
  • Once cooled,drain and make a puree of spinach,keep aside.
  • Wash and cut the mushrooms in 1/2 inch cubes,scrap and cut the carrots into 1/2 inch cubes.string the beans and cut into 1/2 inch cubes,saperatethe cauliflower into small florets.Blanch all the chopped vegetables into boiled water drain and keep aside.
  • Heat the 1 tablespoon of ghee in a pan,add cumin seeds,when starts spluttering add chopped onion,saute till it become translucent.
  • Now add 1 tablespoon chopped garlic,saute for a minute,then add crushed coriander seeds and gram flour and saute for another 2 minutes.
  • Now add blanch veggies,green chillies ,tomato and salt,cook for few minutes
  • Now add spinach puree ,cover and cook for 4/5 minutes or till the vegetables done add garam masala and turn off the flame.


  •  Heat the remaining ghee in a small pan,add 1 tablespoon garlic.When garlic become light brown add sesame seeds and dry red chillies and pour over the subz miloni and serve hot with garlic naan.


  • In a bowl take 1 cup of multi purpose flour(maida),1/2 teaspoon baking soda,1/2 teaspoon sugar /powder,1/2 cup yogurt,salt to taste,2 tablespoon oil,1/2 cup milk or lukewarm water.
  • Mix all the ingredients together,then add water gradually to make a soft dough but not sticky.
  • Apply little oil to the dough and cover with damp cloth,and keep the dough for 2 hours.
  • Now divide the dough into equal  parts,cover the balls and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Now take chopped garlic and coriander leaves and stick on one side of dough balls.
  • Then roll the naan on lightly floured surface into 1/4 inch thick.Sprinkle the water lightly on one side of the naan.
  • Heat the tawa on the medium heat,put water side naan over tawa,once the naan starts bubbling,turn the tawa over the medium flames to cook the naan from the top.


  • Once the naan become browned,it will automatically fall or remove it and spread the butter over it.