This recipe of Oil Free Lemon Pickle is made in traditional way of long lasting pickle.The health benefits of this pickle include of essential vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.It also helps in digestion.After making this pickle,you will think why we purchase from market . Enjoy this simple and tangy pickle .


  • Lemons 20 /25img-20170121-wa0039
  • Salt 250 grams
  • Vinegar 4 tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice of 4 lemons


  • Wash the lemons and keep in the water
  • Rub all the lemons in a rough surface .While rubbing sprinkle little water over it so that outer skin of lemon come out easily and wash the lemons again.
  • Pat dry the lemons and keep it under the sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.Make sure there should be no moisture left
  • Now transfer the lemons in a clean and dry glass jar
  • Add salt,lemon juice vinegar and close the lid .Mix it well.
  • Toss it everyday without using hand or spoon
  • It will take 20 /25 days to become ready to eat

NOTE  ;Always use dry pickle jars,spoon,  lemons etc for Better result.