Bel (Wood apple) Ka Sharbat

Bel (wood apple) ka sharbat is a healthy drink . It is one of the most popular drink during summers. It helps people in indigestion and heatstroke.

Ingredients :

  1. Wood apple : 1 pc
  2. Sugar            : 4 table spoon

Method :

  1. Wash wood apples and after cutting it take out it’s pulp.
  2. Take double the amount of water than the pulp of wood apple in a utensil.
  3. Leave the pulp soaked in water for 2 – 3 hours (so as to make the pulp soft).
  4. Now carefully take out the seeds and sticky part from the pulp of wood apple.(In pic)                        In-the-making-Bel-Ka-Sharbat
  5. Mash the pulp and mix it in water.
  6. Sieve this mashed pulp using strainer and take out the thick juice using a spoon.
  7. Now mix sugar in the thick juice.
  8. Then add cold water / ice cubes , garnish it with mint leaves.
  9. Bel ka sharbat is ready to serve .